Get Income Flowing Smoothly With Direct Debit

Automatically Pull From Customer’s Account

Automatically pull payments from customers’ bank account each week or each month.

We Don’t Hold Your Payments

All payments go directly to your account. No more waiting for payment to be released from payment gateway.

No Need to Top Up

Collect payment first, pay us next month.

Easy Sign Up

Sign up customers easily for Direct Debit using our online eMandate form. Once setup is complete, you will be authorised to collect payments when they are due. No paper form required!

Easily Manage Payments

View and manage all your data, customers, plans and more from our easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll have access to everything in the system at your fingertips.

Receive One-Off Payment As Well!

Real-time debiting of a customer’s internet banking account.

Receive From All Banks in Malaysia

Receive payments from all major banks in Malaysia. No need to setup Standing Instruction with each bank.

Security is at our core

Instant Pay, through the FPX payment gateway, is a convenient and secure online payment solution that is available from all major banks in Malaysia. It allows real-time debiting of a customer’s internet banking account. No more waiting for money to be released from your payment gateway!

  • Account details are stored with military grade 256-bit encryption
  • All files are transferred using SFTP in compliance with Malaysian banking standards
  • All data transmission is encrypted to the HTTPS standard
  • Authorization of all transactions completed with two-factor authentication Item

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